Associated Press release, March 19, 2009, Personalized “Mine” Magazine

Associated Press release forwarded by The Ace Group, Inc.

The Ace Group, Inc. is excited to forward to you the following Associated Press release regarding the new and unique “Mine” Magazine Personalized project.

“The Ace Group has been contracted and will be responsible for the entire “Print Version” of Mine, by Time, Inc.”, said Val DiGiacinto, V.P. Sales and Partner of The Ace Group, Inc. “This process includes all the programming and data processing required to create each “Unique” Mine Magazine, on-the-fly. We are also responsible for all bindery and mailing.”

“The 2-week schedule for each of the 5 editions of Mine to each subscriber has propelled us into a completely new production environment”, said Ace Group owners Tony and Vincent Gagliardi. “Our “Mine Team” is utilizing every piece of our technology and a lot of very unique programming to make this happen. Our 3, HP Indigo 7/C Digital printing presses are the backbone of this capability.”

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